One would think that in the year 1999, Interracial Relationship is nothing more than two people with different shades of skin color who are in love with one another. Will it wasn’t the case in 1999 and it still isn’t the case here in 2017. My wife and I still get stares and whispers and we still get stupid folks who ask stupid questions. For the most part, we pretended not to hear the stupidity; but as of late, we’ve started whispering back and and talking back and letting folks know that their ignorance won’t be tolerated any longer. This blog is my way of keeping track.

Are you in an interracial relationship? Do you know anyone in an interracial relationship? This blog might help you understand what they’re going through of you just might be able to identify what I’m going through. Or – you just might be able to help me understand why folks are so downright ignorant. Either way, I’d really appreciate any input you would have. So g’on ahead and click on any one of the blogs I have posted and leave me your thoughts. I’d love to read them.


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