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Monochrome World?

Every day for the past few days it has been the same thing, over and over. I feel like Bill Murray in the movie, “Groundhog’s Day”.

I wake up, tired and fight morning traffic to drop my beautiful wife at her job and then fight even more traffic to get to my office where I spend eight and half hours doing work that no longer challenges me, nor does it excite me. After work, I get in the car, fight traffic to my wife’s job and pick her up and then drive home. She recites a few anecdotes about her job or some people she works with before picking up her cell and playing “Panda Pop” for the remainder of the car ride home.  When I get home, I gather all my belongings from the day and then reach into the mailbox and pull out our bills and a few flyers and two.. no, wait. THREE Letters addressed to me from State Farm Insurance. “I have GEICO, don’t I?” I think to myself as I slide my key into the lock. I then walk into my house and briskly walk to the security panel on the wall and key in my disable code as my four-year-old Pug/Shar Pei mix jumps excitedly at my hit, begging for attention. As I place my bag on the floor, I slide the mail into the unzipped opening and then take my dog out. When I return, I do my best to forget about the past ten hours and I sit on the sofa and before I know it, I’m waking up tired again.

This scenario played out “exactly” the same for the past three days, right down to the two or three State Farm Insurance letters in the mailbox. Finally, I asked my wife to take the dog out so I could get the to the bottom of all these Insurance envelopes. As I opened one of the letters, I discovered it was from a local area State Farm office; asking me to be their client. I threw it away, and believing the next envelope would be the same thing from the same office; I was shocked to see how annoying these people could be, sending me two or three letters a day for the past three days. However, upon opening the second letter, I noticed it was from a second local area branch office and even though they wanted me as their client, the wording was not identical to the first letter. This piqued my curiosity so I opened another letter. It too, was from a third different branch office, asking me to be their client but with different wording from the first two. Each of the three General Managers were different names with different branch addresses. What the hell is going on?” I said allowed. It was at this point that my wife returned with our dog. What’s up? She asked as she slapped me on the butt and grabbed another envelope from the table. They’re all from State Farm, asking us to be a client. I replied to her. She looked at me and replied, OH! That must be because of that Tweet, they sent out. My wife said, as if we had just struck gold.
What are talking about?” I asked.
State Farm tweeted something out about interracial couples and a whole bunch of racists replied to it, saying they were leaving State Farm and crap like that.”

When I arrived at work today, I did some research on the State Farm tweet and found out just how screwed up the people of this country truly are…

protecttheblingOver the holiday season, State Farm decided to run a campaign on social media and sent out this tweet, suggesting the newly engaged get insurance to “protect the bling#protectthebing. However, what they didn’t count on was the thousands upon thousands of racist hate that bounced back from all the degenerates who are now saying they will leave State Farm for another insurance company simply because of this ad photo. I was appalled at the replies and the disgusting memes that followed and will not show them on here; however, if you wish to witness racist hatred first hand, just search for State+Farm+Bling and see what comes up. If you’re a twitter fan, enter #protectthebling and see what shows up. It’s absolutely disgusting!

As a white man, married to a black woman, my wife and I have encountered “the looks” and we’ve heard “the comments“. We were never oblivious to the fact that there are narrow minded people in the world who would always have something stupid to say. However, these strongly worded tweets and comments show just how cowardly these type of people can be. Behind the safety of their computer screen and keyboard, they can say what is truly on their mind and in their hearts; however, when faced with the situation in real life they either say nothing or very little at all. Despite the looks and comments my wife and I have witnessed, we have never been subjected to anything so raw and heartless.

Over the past 10 years or so, there has been a horrible division of the American People. We all seem to be put in some type of categorical box. Either we are Liberals, or Conservatives. Democrat or Republican. Black or White. Hillary or Trump. Why is this so prevalent in our society? Why can we not just see ourselves as “Americans”? Color, Classes, Society, Politics; and whole list of other issues are breaking this country into smaller and smaller pieces. When did we stop believing; “United we stand and divided we fall.” We are so divided right now, it will not take a lot of effort for this country to fall.

My wife and I have been together for the past eight years. Our first date was walking through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh and talking to get to know one another.

I couldn’t believe the looks of disgust we got from people, and was even more horrified by the comments called out. “W’sup, gurl? You cain’t keep yo-self a good black man?” We did our best to ignore that guy and kept walking hand-in-hand. Years later, I was stunned when I took my wife out to dinner at a local diner and the woman had the audacity to look at me and say, “Dining alone, sir?” I put my around my wife and said, “No. I’m here with my wife.” The woman actually looked surprised and said, “OH! You two are together?”

Now, perhaps she was shocked by the fact that I was in the company of such a beautiful woman. Perhaps she didn’t think a guy who looks like me could be with a woman who’s as beautiful as my wife. I would LOVE to think those things are the truth, but something deep down in my heart tells me different. She either didn’t want to believe that a white man and a black woman should be together, or she was just an ignorant woman who wanted to verbally spit in our eye.

Here was are in the year 2017 (almost) and people are still carrying racial issues.
Morgan Freeman was being interviewed by 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace regarding Black History Month. Morgan Freeman stated he didn’t like the idea of a black history month because he doesn’t think black history should be relegated to a month. “Black history is American History” Freeman said.
Well, how are we going to get rid of racism?” Mike Wallace asked. 11855881_901781306570905_4412402339987624395_n
Stop talking about it!” Freeman said adamantly. His statement actually caused nearly four seconds of dead air as Mike Wallace sat stunned and couldn’t think of another question. Morgan Freeman then continued. “I’m going to stop calling you a white man.” He stared at Mike Wallace and then continued. “And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a Black Man. I know you as Mike Wallace and you know me as Morgan Freeman. That’s how we get rid of racism.”

I’m sure State Farm’s intention was to show diversity and the beauty of us all being as one. I do not believe they set out to create chaos and controversy. As I researched this subject, I noticed there were other back lashes as other companies suffered the same type of problems. General Mills Cheerios had a commercial of a bi-racial child talking to her black father over a bowl of cereal with the white mother in the background of a kitchen scene. A local jeweler had a commercial of a black man and a white woman laughing and frolicking in a park – I could keep going but it only makes me more upset to know that something as simple as two people being in love can cause such hatred in people.

Let’s all take Mr. Freeman’s advice and stop talking about race. Italian Americans, Polish Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans – we all have one thing in common and that’s the fact that we’re American. Do you think if we went to Canada we would find “Black-Canadians” or “Mexican-Canadians”? If we moved to France, would we be considered “American-French”? That would be silly, wouldn’t it!
Then why is it not silly for us to label ourselves with such titles?

I love my wife.
She’s not my Black Wife. She’s not my “African-American Wife” She’s not my “Swirl-Partner”
She’s my wife, whom I love and will always love until the day I die. We should all have the same outlook when it comes to one another. Drop the “WHITE” from White Guy and you have a Guy. Drop the BLACK from Black Man and you have a man. It’s that simple.

I’m starting this blog, “Monochrome Heart” to keep a blog of events that my wife and I experience and we want to not only share it with other interracial couples, but with everyone of every color. I’d like to get your feedback on this subject. Do you think it’s racist for us to call one another by our skin color or is it racist to ignore race? Wouldn’t it be easier to live in a monochrome world?

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