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What is so hard to understand?

My wife and I went to Old Country Buffet for dinner. After paying our entrance fee and leaving our receipt on the table, we went out and picked through the buffet for our dinner. My wife, Nadine is a pro at getting everything she wants on one plate. I, on the other hand, seem to focus on getting one meal at a time. While Nadine was out foraging and loading up, I returned to the table with my garden salad and sat down to eat. Sitting across from our table was and older couple. The woman was talking on a cell phone while her husband was picking at his plate. The woman, talking on the cell phone, had her phone set on speaker, which was set on the table and she was writing with a pen and paper. The man on the other end of the phone was talking about interest rates and the housing market. The way the were talking indicated he could have been  a long time friend or possibly her son who was either helping them sell their home or he worked in the business and was selling their home for them. Either way, it was really annoying to listen to. I was contemplating getting up and moving to another table; however, Nadine was still out loading her plate and hadn’t returned as of yet. Therefore, I just sat and kept my focus on my garden salad and waited for my wife to return.

It was another ten, grueling minutes before Nadine got back to the table. Her plate was piled with steak, corn-on-the-cob and potatoes, cornbread and chicken. She had greens and Macaroni & Cheese along with mixed vegetables and some other various types of meats and breads all piled on her plate as she sat down at the table. I stared in amazement as she carefully placed the plate on her paper placemat and then took her seat and sat down with a large, toothy smile. “What“? She asked, not realizing that I, along with half of the Old Country Buffet seating section was staring at her wondering how she didn’t spill a drop of gravy or ‘beef au ju’ sauce from her plate.
Nothing” I said with a loving smile. “I’m gonna go back and get something else.”
You need to fill up, babe!” she said as I got up and headed to the meat bar.”

I walked over and looked at the roast beef and then looked at the chicken and the steaks and thought back in amazement at how Nadine had fit all of that on the tiny, ceramic plate. “Can I help you?” the young man behind the sneeze guard asked.
I’ll have a small piece of Strip Streak, rare.” I said, pointing to a specific piece that was sitting under a heat lamp.
After a few moments on the grill, the young man made a small incision into the meat and showed me a dark pink hue of meat and asked me if it done enough or if it should be cooked more. I shook my head no and told him it was fine before moving on to the potatoes and dinner rolls. After putting some green beans on my plate, I started back to my table and rather than notice a smiling, and happy Nadine I found my wife forcefully stabbing her fork into food and muttering like an insane woman.
Is everything alright?” I asked innocently.
NO!” she replied as she darted a look over at the old lady, who was no longer on her telephone. At that moment, the woman and her husband got up and headed towards the exit and the first thing I had wondered was they may have said something about the amount of food on my wife’s plate. But then again, I was always commenting on the amount of food my wife eats. She’s proud of the fact that she eats like a linebacker but built like a ballerina.

What’s going on?” I asked curiously.
Stupid, fuckin’ ignorant asses!” She called out to them before they got out of earshot.
NAY!” I reached out and put my hand on her’s to try and calm her down “What happened?”
That dumb bitch wanna ask me why I’m gonna be sitting at your table!”

Apparently, after I left, the woman on the cell phone didn’t notice Nadine show up, nor did she notice me leave. However, after she finished her phone call, she finished taking her notes or whatever it was that she was doing and then she happened to look over and she noticed a black woman sitting at the table where a white man had been sitting and she felt it was her duty to interfere…

Excuse me, Miss, but someone is already sitting at that table.” she said in a polite and condescending manner.”

Yeah. I know.” Nadine said with half-a-mouthful of steak.

Well, perhaps you should find a table of your own before he gets back?” Her tone went from condescending to down-right rude.

“He’s my husband, lady. Why don’t you mind your business.” Nadine was in not mood for this woman’s attitude.

No, dear. The man who was sitting at that table is a white man. You and your husband need to find your own table.” This woman was obviously stuck in 1957 and didn’t realize she was living in 2017.

Look lady!” Nadine said, lifting her steak knife and pointing it in the old lady’s direction. “My Husband IS that white guy and when he comes back over here and sits down you can git your old, wrinkled ass up and quit buggin’ me!”

I looked back at the old woman as she was pushing her husband through the exit doors without looking back. “Did you have to point your steak knife at her?

Did she have to be such a bitch?” Nadine had a point. Based on what she told me, the old woman was quite the bitch.

You don’t have to ask me why I love her. This story should say it all!


One thought on “What is so hard to understand?

  1. I can’t believe such people still exist!!!! I mean- like this elder woman…
    Firstly, I know there are some people they like to have everything under control 😛 even in a public places 😛 Back in my country (where 99.9% are white people), I’ve been often advised (in restaurant/library etc.) that somebody else sits at this table so I should rather find a place somethere else. This is completely fine with me- a normal piece of advise.
    Secondly, after your wife said “He’s my husband, lady” the ‘lovely’ elder Lady should say “Oh, that’s fine then. I’m sorry for bothering you”. That’s all. Topic finished. Nobody is hurt. She just thought somebody has sat at the table that was already occupied.

    I cannot believe what this old lady said afterwards… I mean- I can believe, but I can’t understand. Such a closed-minded or narrow-minded people are still a mistery for me. What is so hard to understand?
    I am in interracial marriage too. I’m Polish, my husband is British (but Indian in fact). We, luckily, have never had any incident like that, but I’m almost agressive when I hear it still happens to other couples.
    I’m very very sorry for your wife- for both of You. But I can see your wife is a strong Lady and she can easily cope with those narrow-minded/racist people.
    Good luck to You. You create a fabulous fusion- like us 🙂

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